4 Reasons to Invite Your Partner or Spouse to Your Family Operating System®

Nat Robinson


As part of our ongoing efforts to support families at all life stages we recently launched Trustworthy Collaboration for partners and spouses. As an account owner, you can now invite your significant other to securely view, edit and contribute to your Family Operating System®.

Through our research we learned a lot about how partners and spouses manage their households together.  Here are four good reasons to work together to build your Family Operating System®

#1  Build a complete view of your household information.

We know a lot of families share household responsibilities. One partner might manage bank accounts while the other  partner might manage health insurance. Consequently, silos of information build over time. These silos can be an inconvenience, and sometimes even disastrous.Trustworthy Collaboration allows both partners to contribute information to the same central hub. This way both partners know where important information is saved, how things work and what needs to happen to keep everything running smoothly. 

#2 Increase the level of transparency between you and your partner or spouse.

Trustworthy Collaboration gives you and your partner or spouse a 360-degree view of your family’s information. This means that your family will benefit from an ongoing awareness and transparency around household operations. You and your partner will benefit from an enhanced sense of how things happen. What you need to do to keep operating smoothly and who is doing what and when. Trustworthy works across the family to surface reminders and find ways to help you stay on top of things.

#3 Develop a greater  appreciation for your significant other.

With greater transparency comes a new level of appreciation for all the things that your partner does for your family — and vice versa. When your partner or spouse completes a task in Trustworthy, you’ll receive a notification. It’s a gentle reminder that your partner in life is awesome, and you’re both working towards a calmer, more organized life. You’re in this together, to nurture your family and live a clutterless life . Trustworthy is there to support you.

#4 Reduce your “Get hit by a bus” anxiety.

We’ve heard this phrase, almost word-for-word too many times.”If I get hit by a bus, my family would have no idea how to track down my life insurance, bank accounts, or estate documents.” Adding your partner as a collaborator is a great way to reduce your “if I get hit by a bus” anxiety. You’ll both have a complete view of your family’s important information, and you’ll feel a little bit less anxiety the next time you board an airplane across the Atlantic.. With Trustworthy, your family will have continuity of life should something happen and you’ll have peace of mind — every day.

Invite your partner to collaborate today

  1. Log in to your Trustworthy account.

  2. Click “Manage access” in the blue banner at the top of the screen or navigate to the drop down in the top right menu and select “Manage access”.

  3. Click on the “Invite +” button.

  4. Select a name from the list.

  5. Enter their email, check the security box and click the “Send invitation” button

  6. Click the “Review access” button to go back to the Manage Access screen.

  7. Congrats! You’ve invited your first collaborator.