Product feature: Automatically import your financial account information with Plaid



With the latest release, it’s quicker than ever to enter your financial account information into Trustworthy - with Plaid. Plaid is an industry-leading financial API that acts as a secure intermediary between Trustworthy and your bank. Plaid only shares information with your permission and encrypts your financial data. It’s secure and easy to connect your bank to Trustworthy.

Can I enter my financial information without Plaid?

Yes, you can add your bank information to Trustworthy either via Plaid or manually. Either way, your information is always yours, private, & safe.

Does Trustworthy see my login information?

No. Bank connections are made from inside Plaid’s secure interface. Trustworthy can’t see your bank login information.

Can Trustworthy manipulate my accounts?

No. Importing with Plaid is a “one-way street”. Your information is securely placed into the proper templates in your Trustworthy account, then the connection to your bank is closed.

Auto import financial account information