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Collaboration: Better, together.



As part of our ongoing efforts to support families at all life stages, we’re announcing Trustworthy Collaboration for partners/spouses. As an account owner, you can now invite your significant other to securely view, edit and contribute to your Family Operating System™.

We know that a lot of families share household responsibilities. One partner might manage bank accounts and another partner might manage health insurance. Now, as collaborators, you’ll both have access to a complete view of your important family information. You can both manage and build your Trustworthy account as a team. You can both enjoy shared context, appreciation, and transparency around the work each partner is doing. Trustworthy Collaboration helps your family become more organized and prepared — together.

Invite Your Partner to Collaborate

  1. Log in to your Trustworthy account.

  2. Click “Manage access” in the blue banner at the top of the screen or navigate to the drop-down in the top-right menu and select “Manage access”.

  3. Click on the “Invite +” button.

  4. Select a name from the list.

  5. Enter their email, check the security box and click the “Send invitation” button

  6. Click the “Review access” button to go back to the Manage Access screen.

  7. Congrats! You’ve invited your first collaborator.

Trustworthy collaboration dashboard view

More About Collaboration

Secure Invitations - Collaborator invitations are secure links which are specific to the person you’re inviting. Each collaborator is required to set up their own two-factor authentication secured login. You’ll receive an email notification when the invited collaborator accepts your invitation.

Collaborator Access - Today, collaborators are given full access to view, change, and add information to your account. The only thing collaborators can’t do is manage access, which includes removing others or sending additional invitations. Only account owners can do that.

Complete Control - As an account owner, you are in full control of your account’s access. You can add or remove collaborators at any time. For privacy, collaborators are not notified when you remove them.

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