Product feature: Custom reminders



Let Trustworthy remember, so you don’t have to.

With Trustworthy’s latest release, your family can now set customized reminders for everything in your Family Operating System™.

Trustworthy already has automatic reminders set on your behalf, like expiration dates and document reviews.

With new custom reminders, you have the flexibility to keep track of one-time or repeating reminders personalized to your family's needs.

Creating custom reminders for any Trustworthy tile

Ideas for custom reminders

  • Insurance policies - Set an annual review reminder in case you’d like to shop for a new policy or better pricing.

  • Property taxes - Keep track of your property tax due dates and add a quick link to the payment portal.

  • House and vehicle maintenance - Change your HVAC filters, swap out your fire detector batteries, and change your oil.

  • Tax form and receipt scanning - Set a reminder to scan your latest tax receipts and forms into this year’s tax return section.

  • Rental property to-dos - Track utility bill due dates, inspections and maintenance, and key dates for tenants.

Custom reminders help your family get and stay organized across all of your family’s information.

Set Your Family's Custom Reminders