Product Updates

Product feature: Enhanced collaboration powers working together better.



Your Family Operating System® is now the only family information management system designed for secure collaboration with family and trusted professionals.

Our latest update lets you invite your trusted circle and professional advisors to collaborate in one, many or all your dashboard categories by creating custom access for each person you invite.

Feature release highlights include:

All-access collaborators allows you to invite your partner, spouses or trusted advisor to access and update your entire dashboard.

Limited-access collaborators have filtered access to only the categories you’ve authorized, you can share only your estate planning documents or tax documents with accountant.

Custom permissions let you choose which categories individual members can access and the flexibility for you to add, remove or update categories as often as you like.

Customized to-do lists and reminders for each invited member keep your collaborators on-task and on-track.

What are the most popular ways to use this feature?

Share IDs and legal documents with parents, siblings, or other family members

Categories: Family IDs & Estate Documents
Ensure that your caregivers and family members have access to what they need, whether they’re picking up a prescription or providing care during an emergency.

Update and organize taxes with your accountant

Category: Taxes
Organize past tax returns and streamline upcoming tax filing to simplify managing documents and deadlines.

Track assets, accounts, and annual statements with your financial advisor

Categories:  Money, Taxes, Property & Insurance
Manage existing assets, make updates, and manage reports, statements or annual planning with your financial advisor.

Manage or update policies with your insurance broker

Categories:  Property & Insurance
Track your existing policies, review, or make updates by collaborating with your family’s insurance professional.  

Planning your estate documents with your attorney

Categories:  Estate Documents
Organize and share digital copies of your important documents and confirm the location of original, signed documents with your attorney and family members.

​​Read about how Trustworthy makes your information more secure or reach out to our expert team with questions anytime.

How to begin household and extended family collaboration

Many Trustworthy families invite their parents or children to access information like Family IDs, estate documents, and passwords. For instance, a grandparent or caregiver could access information for passports, birth certificates, or medical cards if you are away or should there be an emergency.

Learn more about how to use enhanced collaboration features for estate planning, managing property, or getting your household organized for the new year. Our expert team offers a free coaching session, sign up for your time slot today.