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How to Make Back-to-School a Breeze

By Kristin Hoppe

August 10, 2021

Getting everyone ready for back-to-school season can mean a whole lot of overwhelm this time of year. Whether you’re doing the familiar pickups, drop-offs, after-school, childcare, and commute — or this year is one of your firsts — there’s always a lot to get organized.

Thankfully, when you're using Trustworthy, many of the administrative headaches that usually come along with filling out piles of forms can go much quicker than in the past.

Add a few back-to-school (or work) items to the information that's already in your Trustworthy account, and we can help lighten the load.

Filling out school registration forms and extracurricular activity forms

As a parent you’ve had to remember dozens of details each day, but you probably don't have their Social Security and insurance information memorized.

Most schools and afterschool activities or clubs request numerous forms and permission slips to make sure your child is safe and gets the best care possible.

Here are all the easy ways you can access that information in your dashboard:

Family IDs

  • Social Security number

Emergency contacts

  • Emergency contact list

  • Allergy and medication information

    • Prescription approvals

    • EpiPen directives and instructions

Medical information (Medical)

  • Medical insurance card

  • Dental insurance card

  • Vaccination history

Accessing all those documents in one convenient place will make enrolling quick and painless. And, it will also be a relief to know that information is accurate, updated and easy to find whenever it's needed.

School expenses, budgets, and saving for college

Setting up your child for success in education is no small feat. Even an in-state, public university runs $10,560 a year on average.

Use Trustworthy to keep track of your family’s educational investments and budgeting. For example, you may choose to invest in a 529 savings plan. This is a popular option that allows parents or guardians to save money in qualified plans that are often exempt from taxes.

Concierge service

Once you’ve chosen a 529 savings plan, your Trustworthy concierge can help you create a special “school” or “education” category in your dashboard to keep track of everything in one place.

Easy access to information

If you’re in the process of getting a 529 savings plan, use Trustworthy's dashboard to easily access application information such as:

Family IDs


  • Social Security number


  • Social Security number

  • Drivers license number

Emergency Information

  • Successor account owner information (such as a grandparent or other caregiver)

Once your 529 account is complete, there's one more important step. Some 529 savings plans don't allow joint ownership, which means your spouse wouldn’t have access to your account unless they were given power of attorney.

Blended families with different households, schedules, or parenting plans often navigate an extra layer or two of coordination and paperwork. Trustworthy can be a great option to coordinate, collaborate or share information, permission slips, and other important documents with your wider family.

We’re here to help

Have you used Trustworthy for your back-to-school planning, or do you have a story or organizing tip we can share? We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to the team through the chat app, or on Facebook.

Also, don't forget to download the updated version of our iOS mobile app for the best experience possible.