Product Updates

Introducing Trustworthy mobile scanner for iOS



At Trustworthy, we believe making it easy to add and manage the information in your Family Operating System™ is critical. This week we’re announcing the Trustworthy Mobile Scanner for iOS. After carefully listening to our customers during the last six months of development, we continually heard “I have a stack of papers that I can’t wait to scan into Trustworthy,” and “I love that Trustworthy sets automatic reminders for my family’s ID.” The Trustworthy Mobile Scanner was built specifically to make these two scenarios delightful.

Securely scan and attach anything - Scan documents, take photos, or import images from your library and attach them to any existing Trustworthy tile. The Mobile Scanner is built with the same technology that Apple uses to scan documents within its own applications (e.g. the Notes app). Quickly, easily, and securely upload your documents and photos directly to Trustworthy.

Automatically import your Family IDs - Scan your driver’s licenses and passports using the Trustworthy Mobile Scanner. Trustworthy will automatically extract ID numbers, expiration dates, images of your IDs, and even set an expiration date reminder — all with a single scan.

We’d love to know what you think of the new mobile application. Please send us your feedback and suggestions. Reply to this email and let us know what you think.

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