Product Updates

Loans & credit cards are here 💳



Trustworthy v.13

New Features: Loans and Credit Cards

The Money category now supports credit cards and loans — mortgages, student loans, auto loans, and any other type of loan. All of your family’s financial assets and liabilities are organized in one place and connected to the appropriate property and insurance policies. Quickly link your property, insurance, and loans together for a complete picture of your family’s assets and coverage.

Note: You will no longer see "Loans & Credit" in the navigation - everything can be found in the Money category.

Loan and credit card details view within Trustworthy

Update your loans & credit cards

Reminder: Add your collaborators

Don’t forget to add your spouse or partner as a collaborator. Share access to your account with a collaborator so you can build your Trustworthy account together. When you add a collaborator, your account truly becomes the central hub or treasure map to your family’s information in case of emergency.