New Category: Keep your family ready for any emergency



With Trustworthy’s latest release, your family can now prepare for life’s moments, big and small — with the brand new Emergency Planning category. Write letters to your family, manage your home’s emergency equipment, and create important documents such as instructions for the babysitter or an evacuation plan. Get and stay organized with downloadable or printable letters and emergency instructions built into your Family’s Operating System®.

Trustworthy's emergency planning instructions feature preview

Write letters to family

Ensure that your family members and others know how much you mean to them — and what they should know if anything should happen. Write down advice for your children that you would want them to have from you, just in case. Get started quickly and efficiently using templates and guides built directly into the Trustworthy editor.

Create important documents for others (or for the fridge)

Starting with a Trustworthy template makes it easy to get your emergency plans in order. Whether it’s an evacuation plan that you want everyone in the family to know, or instructions to share with the babysitter, your Family’s Operating System® has it covered. Every document can be printed or downloaded right from within your Trustworthy dashboard.

Manage and verify your emergency equipment is ready for action

Stay on top of your family’s emergency equipment maintenance. From earthquake kits to go-bags to fire extinguishers, Trustworthy sets reminders and tracks locations of your key equipment.

Trustworthy remembers so you don’t have to — automatically

Automatic reminders help keep your plans and equipment updated and organized. Trustworthy will automatically remind you to verify or update family’s emergency plans or create your own personalized reminders.

Emergency planning section within your Trustworthy dashboard

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