New Category: Taxes



Organize current and past year's tax returns

With Trustworthy’s latest release, your family can keep track of current and past year’s tax returns. The Taxes category allows organization of your digital tax returns and all associated digital documentation - W2s, receipts, 1099s, and more. Connect the contact information of the accountant who prepared your returns to provide clarity and transparency to anyone who may need to access these returns.

Trustworthy taxes dashboard

Don't have a digital copy of your tax return? Quickly request your return from your accountant using a pre-filled email template that Trustworthy provides.

Upload taxes straight from your accountant

Want to keep track of information related to your current year’s return? Mark your return as “in progress” and collect your documentation over the course of the year to make tax preparation and filing easier for your family. Use the Trustworthy iOS app to scan documents directly to the current year’s return that you receive by mail or collect over the course of the year.

Preview of how iOS tax upload works

Securely Store Tax Returns