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Protect Your Young Adult Children with Sandwich Smarter & Trustworthy

By Jen Reise

September 20, 2021

Legal documents like medical records and rental agreements are one of many things young adults and their families need to keep track of. But has your family thought about the importance of a completed and signed Power of Attorney document? Read Trustworthy’s guest post by partner Sandwich Smarter to better understand some simple but key legal and estate planning documents every adult should have in place.

Once your child is 18, parents can't get medical information even in emergencies, and can't help with finances or taxes unless you have contractual permissions. That may not seem like a big deal, except it can become a really big deal when an emergency occurs.  

It’s hard to think about the possibility that your kids could get seriously ill or in an accident when they are away at college or living away from you. It becomes a nightmare situation when you are unable to get information about what happened or talk to their doctors. 

Fortunately, you can remedy this situation with a little planning ahead: Make sure you have the proper “power of attorney” documents in place to ensure you have the access you need to help your child and be their advocate in case of a medical emergency. 

Enter Sandwich Smarter. Our mission is to help people access high-quality legal forms and resources as a much cheaper alternative to hiring a lawyer. And our focus is on easing the burden of the millions of Americans juggling raising tweens, teens, young adults, and/or caring for aging parents (i.e., the caregiving sandwich.). 

We offer a power of attorney bundle that is designed to protect against that possibility. It includes three powers of attorney, specifically designed to be suitable for common situations with a young adult who is aged 18-25. You get a HIPAA power of attorney, giving the parents access to medical information for specific purposes including an emergency — like being able to talk to their doctors if they are in an accident while away at college. 

Second, you get a medical power of attorney which applies only if the young adult becomes incapacitated (for instance, in a coma). Third, you get a financial power of attorney allowing you limited access to help your child with banking, taxes, and insurance. Again, once they are 18, you don’t have any of this access without contractual agreements in place. 

You also get detailed instructions and suggestions that help you personalize each form to fit the needs of your family. We know that there are all kinds of families, and families also vary in the amount of info that young adults are willing to share — Including the involvement both sides want parents to have once they go to college. Our forms are designed to help you reach an agreement with your young adult about how you will work together once they leave home.

After you complete the forms, you can upload them to your Trustworthy account where they are safe, simple to access, and easy to share with the appropriate parties.

We have a special discount reserved exclusively for Trustworthy customers.  Enter “TRUSTWORTHY” at checkout to receive 15% off the POA bundle (full price is $89.00) or any of our other products, through October. 

What sets Sandwich Smarter apart from other websites offering legal forms?

Sandwich Smarter has two key differences: First, our forms are already partially completed to reflect the specific needs of our audience. For example, young adults don’t want to sign a basic HIPAA form, giving broad access to their medical information. Our form restricts the information to only emergencies (and suggests a couple of other exceptions for discussion.) 

Second, we don’t capture any of your personal information. Instead of filling out a form on the web, you enter your information after downloading it as a Word document on your own computer. When you’re talking about sensitive information like Social Security numbers, this gives you greater peace of mind.

WHO is Sandwich Smarter?

Sandwich Smarter is run by two moms, one a lawyer and one proudly not a lawyer, who are both juggling raising teens and helping aging parents. And we're just getting started. Follow our shop or join our Facebook group to get notified about new products and resources to help you sandwich smarter. 

What else does Sandwich Smarter do?

We believe that families just need a little help to have and memorialize important discussions — for instance, a contract agreeing on expectations when a kid gets their first smartphone. And we want to help families use the law to protect themselves from known risks, like a simple form to prevent an international grandparent-kid trip being derailed by a border agent concerned about whether the kids are allowed to be taken out of the country by these individuals. 

And remember, you get 15% off to celebrate our new partnership with Trustworthy!

See all the ways we can help protect your family at

Guest Post: About the Author

Jen Reise created Sandwich Smarter as a resource for Americans juggling raising tweens, teens, and/or caring for aging parents (i.e., the caregiving sandwich!). Sandwich Smarter offers easy to use, customizable legal forms and checklists to help caregivers make sure they are protecting their loved ones. Learn more about Sandwich Smarter’s legal forms here.

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