Trustworthy and Juno partner to provide better family resources

Kristin Hoppe


This year, Trustworthy has proudly partnered with Juno, a modern healthcare company designed for families. The partnership will help patients and families incorporate Trustworthy into their everyday lives — so they are prepared for life's everyday moments, both big and small.

We sat down with  founder and CEO of Juno Akili Hinson to learn more about the company and how Trustworthy and Juno will partner together.

What is Juno?

Juno is a one-stop solution for you and your family’s everyday healthcare needs that brings the best of pediatrics, adult primary care, women’s health, and same-day care in one place. You can think of us as the new healthcare home for you and your family that features exceptional hospitality, modern technology, and transparent prices that won’t break the bank.

Who is Juno for?

Juno is for everyone who wants high-quality, culturally-responsive healthcare that’s both accessible and affordable. Currently, healthcare in the US isn’t designed for the 99% and is fundamentally broken for the modern American family. We believe that designing our services and experiences for families allows us to solve some of the biggest problems and reach as many people as possible.

Why did you start Juno?

I founded Juno because of my personal mission to ensure everyone deserves great care that's both accessible and affordable — regardless of zip code they're born in, the color of their skin, the size of their bank account, or who they love. Throughout my career, I began to realize that the best way to accomplish this is to build the healthcare home for the modern American family.

I know firsthand that the healthcare experience for the average person in the US is shaped by managing relationships and communication with multiple doctors, offices that aren’t in convenient locations, and old-school technology that makes it hard to share information and know how much you’ll have to pay. All of those things make it harder for folks to get the care and outcomes they deserve, so I became obsessed with building a better way.

What do you look for in partners for Juno?

Two things are really important when we think about attractive membership partnerships. First, anything that makes it easier for our members and patients to improve their overall health or live a healthier life is something that’s really attractive to us. And the second way that we think about it are services that make either family planning or managing your family easier, because we want people to have as much time as possible to focus on the things that really matter.

Why did you want to partner with Trustworthy?

Trustworthy has created the family operating system, designed to keep your family organized and prepared. When we learned about the company, we knew it was exactly the type of partner that we wanted — one that intends to make both family planning and managing easier. Given Trusthworthy’s vision to impact people’s lives, a partnership between Juno and Trustworthy just made sense to us.

How do you hope your patients use Trustworthy?

Our hope is that our patients incorporate Trustworthy into their everyday lives and routines to make their life simpler and more stress-free. Whether it’s leaving instructions and medical emergency information for the babysitter, or making sure there’s a plan in case something were to ever happen, to simply having all of their records and documents in one organized place, we know Trustworthy will be valuable in our patients’ lives.

What's next for Juno?

We recently opened our Harlem flagship location and are expanding to our second location in Brooklyn. We have a lot of exciting community events coming up that were postponed due to the pandemic to look forward to as well.

Where can people find out more?

You can learn more about Juno on our website, https://juno.care.

If you’re interested in partnering with Trustworthy, please visit https://www.trustworthy.com/partnerships and get in touch.

About Akili Hinson

Akili Hinson is a physician entrepreneur on a mission to create a healthier world. He is the Founder & CEO of Juno Medical, a tech-enabled medical practice that delivers exceptional hospitality, modern technology, and transparent prices that won’t break the bank for the whole family. He is a Crain’s Notable in Healthcare and Business Insider 30 under 40 honoree and, under Akili’s leadership, Juno Medical raised a $5.4 million seed round and received funding from Google for Startups Black Founders Fund. Prior to founding Juno, Akili worked at McKinsey & Company within their healthcare practice where he focused on payment innovation, value-based care delivery, and digital transformation. He is a physician by training and received a B.A. from Georgetown University, an M.D. from Cornell University, and an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School.