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Trustworthy versus OneDrive: A Comparison

By Kristin Hoppe

October 22, 2021

It’s no small task to get your family organized and prepared. Between IDs, medical cards, emergency preparation, and password management, staying on top of everything can feel like a tall order.

Many families share important documents online with each other — but which is the best method for you and your trusted inner circle?

While basic cloud-based storage solutions have worked in the past, new companies like Trustworthy are bringing a new generation of high-touch customer support and customizable interfaces with families in mind. 

Of course, families who have already used Microsoft products in the past may find OneDrive to be the path of least resistance.

Below, you'll find an analysis of each product to discover which is best for your specific needs — including how Trustworthy could be a valuable extension of your family’s current solutions. Let's dive in.

Company Overviews

Trustworthy is the Family Operating System® that helps your trusted inner circle organize, secure, manage, and optimize important family information. Customizable templates and categories make organization easy. Share your information with granular permissions and secure links. Trustworthy’s 1-1 concierge service also provides support and onboarding. 

OneDrive is a personal cloud storage solution from Microsoft that allows you to access photos and files from desktop or mobile. They offer a variety of plans that integrate with Microsoft's other software offerings.

While both companies act as storage solutions, their purpose has major implications on how security and sharing are approached.

Trustworthy: Built with information organization and optimization in mind

Pricing: $120-$480/year

Key differentiating features: Created specifically for family organization, advanced support, personal concierge service

A Family Operating System®

Trustworthy takes family information management as a baseline for helping families to stay seamlessly organized — then brings it to a whole new level. Instead of the equivalent of dumping your information in an unmarked storage bin, members get advanced and templated organization, personalized and 1-1 customer support, and tailored guidance for families who need an information solution.

The platform is automatically organized into different categories including:

  • Family IDs

  • Property

  • Insurance

  • Estate documents

  • Money

  • Emergency planning

  • Family archives (coming soon)

These categories are designed to organize your busy life and also quickly show you which important documents your family may be missing.

Dashboard view of the family operating system

Trustworthy also stands apart from OneDrive with a focus on family information planning and customized management of tasks, due dates, and household priorities. For example, you can opt to receive notifications when certain documents are set to expire and need to be updated. Trustworthy's personal concierge also offers 1-1 email, phone, and video meeting support to:

  • Onboard or customize your personal dashboard

  • Offer coaching for larger tasks like updating your estate plan

A step up in security

Like OneDrive, Trustworthy has space to store your family's most important information, including more digital heirlooms or personal items like photos and videos.

Unlike OneDrive, Trustworthy has additional layers of security for every piece of information — not just the information you decide to put in your “personal vault”. Features like data tokenization, biometric security, and YubiKey ensure that sensitive information like Social Security numbers stay with whom they belong.

Trustworthy's Platinum plan also allows members to invite professional advisors as collaborators (such as wealth advisors, accountants, and lawyers) to Trustworthy. Those advisors can then contribute information to your account to get you started.


In general, Trustworthy may be a better fit for you if you want to:

  • Go beyond basic document storage

  • Level up your family’s information security

  • Work with a pre-organized dashboard built for individual and family needs

  • Get professional support for events such as replacing your birth certificate

OneDrive: A good fit for less sensitive document storage

Pricing: $0-$100/year

Key differentiating features: Extensive amounts of storage space, integration with Microsoft Office

OneDrive is a personal cloud storage solution from Microsoft that allows you to access photos and files from desktop or mobile. For the purposes of this comparison, we are going to focus on the OneDrive Family Plan, which is the most comparable with what Trustworthy offers.

Storage space and integrations

The Family Plan allows up to 6 people and offers 1 TB of cloud storage space. It integrates with Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, and Outlook. The Family Plan also integrates with Microsoft's other software offerings, such as Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Most importantly — especially in terms of comparison with Trustworthy — OneDrive offers a personal vault in which to store sensitive information such as family IDs and insurance policies.

The personal vault

The way in which OneDrive and Trustworthy approach storing and sharing this information is substantially different. All of the information you have stored in Trustworthy is protected by two-factor authentication, encryption, and several other layers of security.

The files stored in OneDrive do not enjoy this same level of security — only the files specifically in the personal vault do. Additionally, once you do make it into the personal vault, you cannot share any files directly from the vault. You must move the files out of the personal vault in order to share them.

This has one big implication: if you want your family to be able to share IDs, insurance policies, or other important information, you would essentially have to move it to a less secure place in order to do so. On the other end of the spectrum, every file in Trustworthy is encrypted with an extra layer of security, and you are able to share information with trusted parties without moving it to a less protected area.

A trade-off with security

For this reason, OneDrive may not be a good fit for your family if you would like to be able to share family IDs, insurance policies, and estate planning without compromising security. It also doesn't have built-in organization that makes family information more accessible in the same way that Trustworthy offers.

That said, OneDrive could be a good fit if you want to share and collaborate on Microsoft documents that aren't sensitive. OneDrive also offers expansive storage space for family photos, which could be beneficial if you have a vast trove of images or videos.


In general, OneDrive may be a better fit for you if you:

  • Don’t mind organizing and templating your information

  • Want a very simple solution that doesn’t require secure sharing

  • Have an extremely large collection of family photos and videos

Trustworthy and OneDrive together

You may consider using both solutions as complementary services. Trustworthy is the Family Operating System that allows your family to securely store, organize, and share all of your most important information. However, if you have extensive family videos and photos that exceed Trustworthy's storage limits, you could easily sign up for OneDrive's standalone 100 GB for $1.99 a month. This solution offers the best of both worlds.

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Still having trouble deciding? Here is a point-by-point breakdown:

Trustworthy versus OneDrive Comparison



Free trial

14 days

1 month


First responders - $20/month (billed yearly)

Basic - Free

Gold - $20/month (billed yearly)

100 GB - $1.99/month

Platinum - $40/month (billed yearly)

365 Personal - $69.99/year

Multi-year/Multi-family discounts available

365 Family - $99.99/year

Storage space

First responders - 30 GB

Basic - 5 GB

Gold - 30 GB

Standalone - 100 GB

Platinum - 75 GB

365 Personal - 1 TB

365 Family - 6 TB


256 bit encryption, encrypted in all states

Bitlocker encryption

Two-factor authentication by default

Two-factor authentication

Biometric security (mobile)

Biometric security

System event logging

Data tokenization


Strict password recipe

Employee security

Device security

Information organization

Family IDs, money, property, insurance, estate documents, passwords, emergency instructions, family archives

Folder and file creation

Mobile app?




First responders/Gold - Self-service onboarding or personalized concierge onboarding

Self-service onboarding

Platinum - Personalized concierge onboarding


First responders/Gold - Phone and email

Email, chat

Platinum - Dedicated personal concierge service, phone, email, text

User types

Individuals and families

Individuals and families



Blog articles for information

Help center


Advanced sharing permissions, unlimited collaborators

Folder and specific file permissions, unlimited collaborators

Cancellation policy

Cancel any time, full refund within 60 days

Cancel any time, prorated refund

We're here to help

Do you have any questions about Trustworthy's product, or do you want to learn more about how we stack up against OneDrive? Feel free to get in touch with us on our homepage. Or, you can easily start your free trial today and see if Trustworthy is a good fit for you and your family.

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