An ecosystem where everyone benefits.

Digital transformation mandates professional advisors meet their clients where they are — online. Modern households expect comprehensive services to meet all their needs.

Trustworthy puts modern households at the center of their advisor ecosystem.

Modernize your client portal. Transform your client relationships.

Replace empty file trees with a collaborative solution.

Trustworthy replaces blank file trees and static spreadsheets with a beautifully designed, intuitive and secure platform. 

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Update your client portal.

Access multiple client accounts from one view in our co-branded Partner Portal. Allow Trustworthy to enhance your back office operations.

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Level up your security.

Protect your clients’ information from hackers on Trustworthy’s platform. We use tokenization to anonymize your clients’ most sensitive information and store it separately from the Trustworthy database. That way, only the account holder and those they trust can retrieve it.

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Offer an organized view of clients’ sensitive information.

Family IDs

Clients can keep up-to-date digital copies of driver's licenses, passports, and travel memberships using the in-app scanner. They can access them anywhere, and share them securely with expiring links.


Create a complete view of your clients’ investment and retail accounts.


Securely store years of filed tax returns. Prepare for next year’s tax filing. Add documents using the in-app scanner. Collaborate with your clients and their CPA.


Manage clients’ real estate, vehicles, and valuables. Document titles, registrations, and appraisals.


Keep clients’ master passwords safely documented and tokenized.


Manage your clients' complete policy portfolio, including umbrella, life, home, property, and health insurance. Track everything they need to protect their household.

Estate Documents

Digitize the red book. Provide clients, their estate executors, and their Powers of Attorney with access to their wills, trusts, and other planning documentation.

Emergency Planning

Clients can organize, update, and share important household management documents and processes.


Coming soon

Manage your clients' business entities and all their corporate information. Separate clients’ corporate and partnership documents from personal records.


Coming soon

Know who your clients' key contacts are, their relationships, and their responsibilities. Ensure your clients' contacts are all in one place.

Compliant with industry standards

Open the door to your clients' digital households.