Optional: Listen to the audio as you follow along on the screen.


Optional: Listen to the audio as you follow along on the screen.


Optional: Listen to the audio as you follow along on the screen.

About contacts

Our Contacts feature can be accessed via the bottom of your left hand navigation on desktop web, or in the top right of the Browse page on iOS. Contacts are the people and companies that your household interacts with. These could be brokers, agents, CPAs, lawyers, service companies, loved ones and more.

Adding a contact manually

On your desktop web app, visit your Contacts page and click Add+. Fill in fields such as name, company, phone, contact type etc and click Save.


  • You can add many phone numbers.

  • You can add many email addresses.

  • You can assign one or many contact types.

  • You can click Show more to access more fields such as website, address and notes fields.

  • You can upload files related to this contact, like certificates of insurance or historical invoices.

  • You can click the profile icon in the top left to upload a photo.

  • If you just have a company name, click the Company checkbox at the top to designate this contact as a company and you won’t be required to enter a first name and last name.

  • You can check the Company checkbox to show an Account number field, This is useful for utility service companies with which you have an account. This account number data will show on contact cards when they’re linked throughout other areas of Trustworthy.

  • You can add reminders to the contact.

About contact types

A contact type is an optional designation of a category of contact, or what their role is related to your family. You can assign none, one or many contact types. For example, you might have a loved one who is also a lawyer and you can assign those two contact types – Loved one and Lawyer.

You can also add a new contact type just by typing your new contact type and pressing enter, or by clicking +Add new contact type when it appears in your drop list.

Some contact types such as CPA, Agent/Broker, Employer and more, have special logic associated with them. If you’re adding a tax return to your Taxes category, when prompted to pick a CPA who helped prepare your filing, any of your contacts with a contact type of CPA will be shown as Recommended.

Importing contacts

Contacts can also be imported from other contact systems like Google Contacts or Apple Contacts using a vcard (.vcf) format. First export your selected contacts from those systems as a vcard, then click Import contacts inside your Trustworthy contacts list.

Choosing the Letter to Loved One template will offer them suggestions of things to write about. 

Searching contacts

Not only can you click on column headings to sort your contacts, but you can also search for nearly any piece of information. As you type names, emails, phone numbers or job titles, the list immediately responds to show you matching contacts.

Editing and deleting

Click the ⋮ menu to the right of a contact row to find options for Delete and Edit. Delete removes the contact permanently after prompting you about other items that contact might be linked to.

Edit contact allows you to update information about a contact such as adding alternate phone numbers, uploading profile pictures, adding notes, adding additional files and more.

Viewing more info on a contact

The contact list shows basic information about a contact, but there can be additional information that is not readily visible in the list such as alternate phones, address information, specialized notes, attachments or reminders. To see all information about a contact, simply click the contact to view a right-hand drawer showing more information.

Linking contacts to other tiles

A major benefit of having a central list of contacts inside Trustworthy is that you can start to easily link them to other tiles in your system.

For example, let’s say you’re adding a new tax return in your Taxes category. This workflow will prompt you to select a CPA that helped prepare the return. The select contact picker is searchable and includes recommended contacts, as well as all other contacts. Any contacts with a contact type of CPA will show up at the top of the list as recommended. Furthermore, any other contacts previously linked to tax returns will also show as recommended.

If you don’t find the contact here, you can also add a new contact on-the-fly. After saving your new contact they will automatically be linked to the tax return.

This contact picker is currently available in:

  • Taxes > CPA

  • Insurance > Agent/Broker

  • Insurance > Employer

  • Legal > Lawyer

  • Property > Service/Utility companies

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© 2024 Trustworthy Company

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