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Introducing The Family Operating System®

Everything you need to keep your family organized and prepared — in one place.

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“Every year this time of year, [my wife] asks me to update all of our financial, insurance, accounts, and other information. I always drag my feet.

I've been using it for a few weeks and it's amazing. This service is a godsend.”

Chris C., Florida


"Seeing Trustworthy, I thought, 'Oh, sweet. There *is* a solution out there!'”

John H., California


“I love how [Trustworthy] is laid out and tells you what documents and information you need to get organized and prepared!”

Elizabeth C., Illinois


Organize your important family information — in minutes.


Share with select family members and trusted professionals.


Invite family members, life partners, and trusted professionals as collaborators.


Stay up-to-date with intelligent reminders.


Access and maintain your family's information from anywhere.


Prepare for any scenario with Trustworthy’s concierge service.


Get this organized on day one.

Trustworthy makes it easy to organize your important family information, so that your loved ones are prepared for whatever may come.

  • Beautifully organized desktop & mobile app

  • Guided, personalized workflows

  • One-on-one concierge service

  • Collaboration with your family & trusted professionals

  • Secure and quick connections to financial and insurance institutions


Security is your — and our — top priority.

We built Trustworthy for our families and promise to treat your family’s private information the same way we treat our own — respectfully, privately, and securely.

  • Securely scan & upload your documents with the Trustworthy mobile app

  • Request to permanently delete your data from the Trustworthy servers at any time

  • Stay protected at all times with bank-level 256-bit encryption

  • Own your family’s information — Trustworthy will never give or sell your data


Share your family’s information with confidence.

Invite family members, life partners, and trusted professionals to securely access your information.

  • Customize permissions to control access

  • Work with your partner and loved ones to stay organized

  • Invite trusted professionals like your accountant or wealth advisor to view specific sections of your account


Trustworthy will mind the reminders so you don’t have to.

Don't worry about late fees or spending time looking for information in different spots. Trustworthy reminds you to keep your important information current, so you can save both time and money.

  • Take actions on tasks that usually slip through the cracks with our concierge service

  • Keep information up-to-date with intelligent reminders

  • Remember upcoming action items with weekly check-ins


Trustworthy is your filing cabinet in the cloud.

Conveniently access and maintain your family's most important information from any location, with custom permissions to ensure sharing is always secure.

  • Beautiful desktop dashboard

  • Mobile app to securely scan your information

  • Securely copy, paste, and download your information whenever and wherever


A real human to help you when you need it most.

The Trustworthy concierge team makes it easy to be organized and prepared for any scenario. 

They can help you and your family:

  • Gather documents from advisors & other sources

  • Get a new will, trust, or other estate documents

  • Get a birth certificate or other IDs

  • Set up life insurance or other policies

  • With anything, really (just ask)!

What people are saying about Trustworthy.

Kevin P.

Seattle, WA

I have a number of investments that I’ve yet to figure out how to keep them all in one place. I have paper statements on my desk. This is perfect. I know that it’s all in one place.

Olivia O.

Los Angeles, CA

I love that it is clean and not cluttered, you don’t have to search through to find stuff. Very simple and easy to navigate.

Sophie & Don G.

Chicago, IL

We love the ease of use and the elegant appearance. We are both very impressed with the system. Trustworthy has become the Central Hub for our family.

Lily W.

San Francisco, CA

I love the Family Operating System. I love that there is a concierge and the way the whole thing is organized and presented.

Simply Amazing! I love this app, I can scan everything right into my family operating system instantly! Genius! I have now mastered adulting, thanks Trustworthy!

Janelle LH, App Store Review

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