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Optional: Listen to the audio as you follow along on the screen.


Optional: Listen to the audio as you follow along on the screen.


Optional: Listen to the audio as you follow along on the screen.

As you're navigating the Trustworthy platform with clients, there are a few things that you'll notice are consistent across the board. On this page, we'll start by reviewing some of the general things your clients can do in every category to personalize their experience.

Adding New Information

Each category is organized into suggested sections and tiles that include some of the most common types of information so that it's easy for your clients to find what they're looking for and update information with just a few clicks.

Items can be reordered within each section by dragging and dropping where they want them. New items can quickly be added to a specific section with one click. Item attachments can be drag-and-drop organized within customized sections.

Adding New Tiles

Your clients can easily add tiles to a suggested section within a category by selecting the "Add [item] +" button to the right of the desired section.

Adding New Items

To add items to suggested tiles, click the blue "Add [number] items" link on the tile that you want to add information to.

Adding New Sections

If your client wants to add information that is not listed as a suggested section within a category, they can click on "Add more+" at the top right of the category page. This will bring them to a template chooser with a list of templates relevant to that category.

Removing or Editing Information

Removing Pre-populated Tiles

In the event that your client doesn't need a pre-populated tile in any given category, they can personalize their experience by removing it.

To remove a pre-populated tile, click the three dots on the tile and then click "Remove", or navigate to the detail page by clicking the tile and then the “Delete Item” button.

Deleting a tile removes it from the Family Operating System® and updates the client’s total number of items. If the deleted tile was the only tile in that section, the section will also be removed.

Editing Information

To edit information within a tile:

  1. Open the tile

  2. Navigate to the field you want to edit and hover the cursor over the field

  3. Click the three dots that appear or double click the filed and click edit


Automatic Reminders

As clients enter expiration dates for their items (or scan them in using the mobile app) the system will automatically create reminders.

Clients will see the reminders show up on the left side of the details screen, in the calendar icon in the left navigation, and on the dashboard.

Custom Reminders

There may be times when your clients will want to create their own reminders outside of the reminders that are automatically created.

To create custom reminders:

  1. Navigate to the category and tile you want to create the reminder for

  2. On the left-hand side, under any existing reminders, click the "Create new reminder +" option.

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