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Operating System®.

Goodbye chaos, hello Family Operating System®. Trustworthy keeps your important information protected, organized, and optimized so you can be prepared for all of life’s moments and enjoy peace of mind.

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Everything in the right place.

Trustworthy is the only platform that gives you a centralized view of your important family information. Say goodbye to disorganization and hello to knowing exactly where everything is.

  • Family IDs

  • Money

  • Property

  • Passwords

  • Insurance

  • Taxes

  • Estate documents

  • Emergency planning

  • And more

Everyone working together.

Share your information with the right people at the right time. Trustworthy is the place where modern families collaborate, now and across generations.

  • Invite family members, professionals, and caregivers

  • Unlimited collaborators to suit your family

  • All-access and limited-access permissions

  • Emergency contacts

  • Multi-household access

Every asset, beautifully organized.

Trustworthy automatically arranges your information into a beautifully organized view that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. No tagging, classification or thinking required. Trustworthy guides you all the way.

  • The Trustworthy recommendation engine creates a custom plan for your family

  • Guided workflows help you gather information easily

  • Information saved as you progress.

  • All major file types and media supported

  • Enriched information adds value to your system

  • Assets linked across categories

Advanced security for every family.

Level up your family information security with Trustworthy, the only online service for families that exceeds industry standards for security and privacy.

  • SOC 2 certification

  • GDPR and HIPAA compliant

  • (AES) 256-bit encryption standard

  • Default 2-factor authentication

  • Multi-factor authorization formats including YUBI hardware security keys (upon request)

  • Biometric authentication

  • Regular third-party security audits

Learn more about Trustworthy security.

Expert help, whenever you need it.

Get the help you need to get organized—from an expert. Your Trustworthy Expert can coach you on digital organization, help you find lost documents, and even set up your Family Operating System® for you.

  • Turnkey implementation for time-starved families

  • FREE one-on-one productivity and onboarding sessions.

  • Family onboarding sessions (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc.)

  • Document replacement, gathering, and upload services

  • Coaching to help you realize your best, organized self.

Wait, there’s more.

The Family Operating System® includes every tool you need to keep your
household organized and prepared.

Device Sync

Sync information instantly between your computer, phone, and tablet so you and your family can always access it.

Secure Links

Share information more securely than ever before. Take control over who has your sensitive data and revoke access at any time with Secure Links™.

Information Downloads

Your data belongs to you and you alone. If you leave Trustworthy, you can download your information and take it with you.

Automatic and Manual Reminders

Keep your information up-to-date and stay on top of family tasks with Trustworthy reminders.

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  • Download your information on request.

  • Information is downloaded via a compressed file you can unpack to your local file system

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