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Product Updates

Enhanced Collaboration Feature Release: Share whatever, whenever, with whomever you choose.

Trustworthy is thrilled to announce that you have more control over how you and your family share important information and documents through enhanced collaboration.

Estate Planning

Estate planning 101: An introductory guide

Estate planning may be one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family — and also one of the easiest things to keep putting off. In fact, a study by AARP found that nearly 60% of American adults don’t have a will or living trust. 


Trustworthy versus Cake: A breakdown

Taking care of your family takes time and dedication — both in small, everyday actions, and bigger, planning-for-the-future actions. 


Trustworthy versus OneDrive: A Comparison

It’s no small task to get your family organized and prepared. Between IDs, medical cards, emergency preparation, and password management, staying on top of everything can feel like a tall order.


Trustworthy Versus Google Drive: A Comparison

Getting your family on the same page is no easy task. Between IDs, medical cards, emergency preparation, and password management, staying organized feels increasingly overwhelming.


Trustworthy Vs Dropbox: What You Should Know

Between wills, trusts, emergency planning instructions, family IDs, and other family documents, having vital information in the right place can give your family security and convenience.


Trustworthy Vs Everplans: What You Should Know

Managing all your family's information is a huge task. That's why companies like Trustworthy and Everplans have created online platforms that make the process more seamless.


Product feature: Invite anyone as a Trustworthy collaborator

Now you can collaborate with anyone — not just your household or family members.


New Category: Keep your family ready for any emergency

With Trustworthy’s latest release, your family can now prepare for life’s moments, big and small — with the brand new Emergency Planning category.


Trustworthy and Juno partner to provide better family resources

This year, Trustworthy has proudly partnered with Juno, a modern healthcare company designed for families.


iOS Update: Get Trustworthy in your pocket

Over the last few months, we’ve worked on a big upgrade to the current Trustworthy iOS app. Our team calls it “Trustworthy in Your Pocket”.


Product feature: Custom reminders

With Trustworthy’s latest release, your family can now set customized reminders for everything in your Family Operating System™.


Product feature: Dismiss your to-dos and make (more) progress

With Trustworthy’s latest release, your family is one step closer to a complete view of your most important information. Trustworthy now allows the dismissal of to-dos that might not be needed from both the dashboard and the to-do list (lightning bolt).


New Category: Taxes

With Trustworthy’s latest release, your family can keep track of current and past year’s tax returns. The Taxes category allows organization of your digital tax returns and all associated digital documentation - W2s, receipts, 1099s, and more.


New Category: Passwords

With Trustworthy’s latest release, your family can store passwords and codes for everything from password managers to garage doors. The Passwords category allows quick access to your family’s important information — whether it’s information your family accesses daily like the wifi password or in an emergency like the code to your safe.


Product feature: Keep track of your family's progress

Trustworthy has also made it easier for you to understand how much progress you’ve made organizing your family’s information. Now, each time you view the dashboard, Trustworthy will recalculate (and celebrate) the progress you’ve made.


Product feature: Automatically import your financial account information with Plaid

With the latest release, it’s quicker than ever to enter your financial account information into Trustworthy - with Plaid. Plaid is an industry-leading financial API that acts as a secure intermediary between Trustworthy and your bank.


Why First Responders Are Choosing Trustworthy

Every first responder should be able to give easy access to vital family information. Trustworthy can make preparing for life’s unknowns much easier.


What is a Family Operating System®?

Learn how a family operating system can help you with secure information organization and give you greater peace of mind.


How is Trustworthy Different from Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive?

A common question from first-time Trustworthy families is, “Why can’t I just use Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive documents to store my important information?”.


We are Trustworthy.

As technologists and entrepreneurs, it’s in our nature to look at our lives and wonder, is this “something” as good as it gets? Could this something be better?