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How To Keep Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card Safe

By Katherine Crowell

June 1, 2021

Congratulations — you've received your COVID vaccine! As the novel coronavirus continues to disrupt our daily lives, a COVID vaccine card represents an end to the worldwide pandemic, or at least a way that you can get out of the house and do more in public. Businesses, schools, events, and even private get-togethers are all starting to require vaccine cards to gain admittance.  The card in your pocket could represent a return to normalcy for you and others that are itching to get back to normal life.

In their desire to share their vaccine status with the world, some people are inadvertently jeopardizing themselves. After all, a picture of a vaccine card online can contain some sensitive information, such as your name, birthday, your vaccine lot number, the administering clinic and what vaccination was received. It may not be enough for some identity theft, but some cards contain sensitive medical information that may be used by unscrupulous actors to access your medical details or to target you in a phishing attempt with what may look like a legitimate email or call.

Why Hold On to Your Vaccine Card?

Given the concern about personal information on the COVID vaccine card, some vaccine recipients are opting to dispose of their card — but that's a mistake. A COVID vaccine card could be your ticket back to work or school, or into that hot new restaurant that just opened up. Without a vaccine card, you may be stuck at home while your family or friends head out into the world. Some businesses are even offering discounts or freebies to vaccinated individuals, and your vaccine card is the only way to prove your status and get that perk.

Another more important reason to hold on to your COVID vaccine card is that if there's some kind of problem or you have an adverse reaction to your vaccine, your dose can be traced back to a specific batch, establishing a connection between your reaction and the dose you received. That can help ensure you get the right medical attention or inform the medical community about issues with your dose or batch.

Additionally, if booster shots are eventually needed to top up the vaccine's effectiveness, your COVID vaccine card is potentially the only place that you'll have a record of your last dose. When it's six months down the line and you've forgotten when you last had a dose, your vaccine card can make the difference between getting an effective booster shot and one that is less effective.

How To Protect Your Vaccine Card

You may not need your COVID vaccine card on a daily basis yet, so keep your vaccine card safe at home and a picture of it on your mobile device when you're out and about. Resist the urge to upload the picture to social media for the reasons we mentioned earlier, but with the picture safe on your phone you'll always have your card with you.

That said, keeping your vaccine card at home won't prevent you from forgetting where you placed it or if you inadvertently toss it during that next cleaning, so it does make sense to have backup copies of your vaccine card. A picture of your vaccine card can work in a pinch, but who's to say that you won't misplace or replace your phone at some point during the year. 

If you do manage to lose your COVID vaccine card, all is not lost. You should be able to contact the clinic or agency where you received your vaccination to obtain a duplicate card. Or you may even be able to contact your state's immunization registry to obtain proof of a vaccination or a vaccine passport.

The Better Way to Manage Your Vaccine Card

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