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How to keep your COVID-19 vaccine card safe

By Trustworthy

December 15, 2021

Congratulations — you've received your COVID vaccine! Nearly two years into a global pandemic, a COVID vaccine card represents increased mobility and options. Many businesses, schools, events, and even private get-togethers may require proof of vaccination to enter.

While it’s important to show your vaccine card to others, this also carries a degree of risk. Sharing a vaccine card online means sharing your sensitive information, such as your name, birthday, your vaccine lot number, the administering clinic, and what vaccination was received. Some cards contain sensitive medical information that may be used to access your medical details — or target you in a phishing attempt with what may look like a legitimate email or phone call.

Why hold on to your vaccine card?

Keeping your vaccine card safe matters for many reasons. For example, if you have an adverse reaction to your vaccine, your dose can be traced back to a specific batch. That can help ensure you get the right medical attention or inform the medical community about issues with your dose or batch.

Additionally, as booster shots are needed to continue the vaccine's effectiveness, your COVID vaccine card is potentially the only record of your last dose. For example, if you have forgotten when you had your most recent dose, your vaccine card can confirm dates and when to schedule your booster shot for the most optimal time.

How to protect your vaccine card

You may already need your COVID vaccine card on a daily basis. Keeping your vaccine card safe at home and keeping a picture of it on your mobile device means you'll always have your card with you.

Keeping your vaccine card at home won't prevent you from forgetting where you last left it — or keep it from being accidentally tossed out or lost. Have backup copies of your vaccine card. A picture of your vaccine card can work in a pinch, but storing the information in a secure cloud-based platform offers you the most security possible. 

If you do lose your COVID vaccine card, all is not lost. Check if your vaccine provider can offer a replacement. You may be able to contact the clinic or agency where you received your vaccination to obtain a duplicate card, or access the information. If you are not able to directly contact your vaccine provider, some state health agencies offer digital vaccine records and may be able to provide a replacement with the correct information. 

A more secure way to manage your vaccine card

The Trustworthy Family Operating System® makes it easy to safely store sensitive information — like your COVID vaccine card — within an organized and bank-level secured dashboard. 

By storing your vaccine card in the cloud, you can still have access to your card even if your phone battery dies, or if your phone is lost or destroyed. Trustworthy's extra layers of security make storing this information safer than your typical cloud storage.

Questions? Our concierge team is available to help via chat, email, or a free session

How to securely store your cards and IDs with Trustworthy

Step 1: Open your family dashboard and click on “Family IDs”.

Trustworthy dashboard showing different family member accounts

Step 2: Click on the person whose vaccine card you want to save and store. 

Dashboard of famaily member Erin Waddington, which shows family IDs

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and click “Browse files”. 

Space to click a drag-and-drop in dashboard to upload files

Step 4: Upload your card and name the file as desired. Done!

Keep all your family information safe with Trustworthy 

In addition to making it easier to store and share your proof of vaccination, Trustworthy helps you organize and optimize all your important documents, IDs, and information in one accessible place. Easy to use tools and features help you stay up-to-date via built-in intelligent reminders, secure sharing options allow you to send and request nearly any file or document, and you can set and update different levels of access and permissions for better collaboration. 

Start your free trial by creating an account today.

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