Optional: Listen to the audio as you follow along on the screen.


Optional: Listen to the audio as you follow along on the screen.


Optional: Listen to the audio as you follow along on the screen.

Autopilot is an intelligent system that not only understands and categorizes household documents but also automatically extracts key metadata and generates concise natural language summaries. It links each document to relevant household entities, suggests appropriate titles, and systematically files them.

Overview Video

The video below summarizes the key concepts behind working with Autopilot to streamline your household organization.

Inbox with Autopilot

Autopilot Functionality
  • Autopilot enhances the Inbox by suggesting appropriate filing locations for items once they are uploaded.

  • These suggestions help streamline the organization process.

Collaborating as a Trustworthy Certified Expert (TCE)
  • As a TCE, clients may add you as a collaborator with full access to their accounts.

  • Full-Access Collaboration is required to:

    • Access the Inbox

    • Utilize Autopilot suggestions

Working with the Inbox and Autopilot as a TCE
  • Clients can upload numerous files to the Inbox.

  • As a TCE, you can assist clients in organizing these files by leveraging Autopilot’s organizational suggestions.

  • This process can often be performed remotely, enabling efficient file management:

    • Log in as a collaborator on the client’s account.

    • Review items in the Inbox and use Autopilot suggestions to move them to their appropriate locations.

    • Verify key data entries are correctly autofilled by Autopilot.

Autopilot and Data Privacy FAQs

Do you use customer data to train AI models?

No, we do not, and will not, use any personal data to train AI models.

If you don’t train AI models on my data, or other people’s data, how does it work?

There are two main reasons that we are able to use AI models without training on customer data. The first reason is that recent advances in AI have allowed for highly capable models that do not require custom training in order to execute many useful tasks. The second reason is that we test our AI features on synthetic, generated data that mimics real data. We use this data to “calibrate” our AI features, so that we have a reasonable expectation that it will work well when dealing with real data.

Nobody at Trustworthy is ever able to look at your data throughout this process.

How can I be sure the AI reading my documents won’t cause the model to learn them and divulge its contents to other users?

We use AI in a way that is “memoryless” - the model does not change or update when we interact with it, and your information is not learned by the model.

While there are existing AI-powered services out there that do update or learn from your information, this is not something that is innate to using AI models. The processes of “reasoning” (i.e. asking the model questions about a given document) and “learning” (i.e. instructing the model to remember details of a given document) are entirely separate. We use AI models exclusively for their reasoning capabilities, and do not update based on any data provided by our users. It is not possible for “learning” to occur unintentionally.

Can I disable Autopilot for my account?

Yes, Autopilot can be disabled for your account via the settings page.

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