Emergency contacts play an important role.

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Every family needs a backup plan.

Have you been chosen as an Emergency contact for someone else's Trustworthy account? Congratulations. Here's what that means.

You are appreciated.

Trustworthy members assign emergency contact roles to those they love and trust.

The Trustworthy Family Operating System® contains all of the member’s important information, from passwords to financial accounts to estate documents.

If you’ve been chosen as an emergency contact, it means the account owner considers you part of their innermost trusted circle.

You are trusted.

Serving as an emergency contact is an honor, and it comes with some responsibility.

In the event that something happens to the account owner(s), your help is requested in verifying the situation and, ultimately, gaining access to their account. Trustworthy may contact you for this purpose.

Until then, you’ll receive a one-click email to verify your contact information every year.

We're here for you.

Should something happen to the account owner(s), just contact our expert team.

Bookmark trustworthy.com and we’ll be here when you need us.

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