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Devon B

As a person who is nomadic and spends months away from my family at a time, Trustworthy truly gives me peace of mind knowing they have access in case something ever happens. It gives me a safe space to store important information while still having access to it as I travel. Super helpful and convenient! I can’t recommend Trustworthy enough 🎉 🙏

Janelle LH

Simply Amazing! I love this app, I can scan everything right into my family operating system instantly! Genius! I have now mastered adulting, thanks Trustworthy!

4.8/5 Average rating in Apple App Store


“Every year this time of year, [my wife] asks me to update all of our financial, insurance, accounts, and other information. I always drag my feet.

I've been using it for a few weeks and it's amazing. This service is a godsend.”

Chris C., Florida


"Seeing Trustworthy, I thought, 'Oh, sweet. There *is* a solution out there!'”

John H., California


“I love how [Trustworthy] is laid out and tells you what documents and information you need to get organized and prepared!”

Elizabeth C., Illinois