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About the certification program.

Invest in your business.

The Trustworthy Certified Expert program is an investment in yourself and your business. Adding digital organization services to your service lineup increases your billable hours and makes you stand out.

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Transform your client's digital lives.

Instead of using a myriad of digital tools to organize your clients’ digital lives, offer them Trustworthy, The Family Operating System®. A single place to organize and protect all of their important information and related critical tasks.

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Gain access to Trustworthy resources.

Deliver even better results for your clients with exclusive resources, training, and tools. Stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in digital organization.

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Build your network.

Become part of a select group of professionals who are dedicated to helping families organize their digital lives. Make a real difference in the lives of others and be recognized as a leader in your field.

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Become a Trustworthy Certified Expert.



Join the Trustworthy Certified Expert program via our online certification portal. You’ll create a username and password, pay for the course, start a background check, and begin your journey as a Trustworthy Certified Expert.



Learn about the Trustworthy philosophy and how you can leverage the Family Operating System® to help clients protect, organize, and optimize their important information in the Trustworthy Certified Experts course.

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Once you successfully complete the course and certification exam, you officially become a Trustworthy Certified Expert. Receive ongoing support, resources, and access to the Trustworthy Certified Expert community.

Help clients securely organize their digital lives.

Our mission is to help your clients find calm and confidence by organizing their digital lives using the
Family Operating System®. Incorporating digital organization into your business will transform your
clients’ homes and lives for the better.

Help your clients embrace digital organization with Trustworthy.




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The Trustworthy Certified Expert program will give you the tools to help your clients organize their digital lives. Learn about the platform and how you can partner with Trustworthy to bring digital organization to your clients.

The Trustworthy Certified Expert Program is only available to organizing professionals living in the United States.

See how Trustworthy can add revenue to your business.


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“Wow. The Trustworthy Certified Expert program is
incredible. I increased my billable hours and my clients love
the product. They don’t have to spend time searching for
documents and love the automatic reminders. 11/10 would

Jenny S., Chicago, IL