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Per year, paid annually

Best for high net-worth families who have complex assets that require more service.

  • The Family Operating System® - the leading platform for family information management

  • Bank-level security with AES 256-bit encryption

  • Personalized onboarding with your dedicated concierge

  • Three hours of one-on-one, personalized service with your dedicated concierge

    • Includes you and your spouse, partner, or family members

    • Research to replace lost documents

    • Personalizing your Family Operating System

    • Uploading information for you

    • One-on-one productivity sessions 

    • Other assistance upon request

  • Phone, email, and text support (8am - 10pm Pacific) from your dedicated concierge.

  • 75GB vault space storage

*Email your wealth advisor, estate planning attorney, accountant, or insurance broker to ask if they provide Trustworthy as part of their service or have a referral discount.
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Per year, paid annually

Best for high-achieving families who prefer to manage and organize assets on their own

  • The Family Operating System® - the leading platform for family information management

  • Bank-level security with AES 256-bit encryption

  • Personalized onboarding with your designated concierge

    • Includes you and your family members

    • One-on-one productivity sessions available at additional cost

  • Phone & email support (9am-5pm Pacific)

  • 30GB vault space storage

For First Responders


Per year, paid annually

A special plan for First Responders who serve our community every day.

  • Everything in Gold

  • Inclusive of coast guards, firefighters, healthcare providers, military, paramedics, police, security guards, and veterans*

*Verification requested to qualify

All plans include a 14-day free trial and a 30-day full refund policy.

*Interested in a multi-year or multi-household discount? Please contact Us


All 2021 plans include

  • Concierge onboarding (optional)

  • Email, phone, & text support

  • Intelligent reminders to help you stay organized

  • Bank-level security: 256-bit encryption & 2FA

  • Collaboration invitations for your immediate family

  • Guided templates to help you stay organized

  • Mobile app to securely scan your information

  • Peace of mind for your whole family


See Trustworthy in action

Make sure your loved ones have security and peace of mind — no matter what the future holds.

Trustworthy will help you & your family:

  • Build a family information roadmap

  • Centralize your information under one roof

  • Share with family members and trusted professionals

  • Securely access information on the go

  • Safeguard your family’s legacy

What people are saying about Trustworthy.

Kevin P.

Seattle, WA

I have a number of investments that I’ve yet to figure out how to keep them all in one place. I have paper statements on my desk. This is perfect. I know that it’s all in one place.

Olivia O.

Los Angeles, CA

I love that it is clean and not cluttered, you don’t have to search through to find stuff. Very simple and easy to navigate.

Sophie & Don G.

Chicago, IL

We love the ease of use and the elegant appearance. We are both very impressed with the system. Trustworthy has become the Central Hub for our family.

Lily W.

San Francisco, CA

I love the Family Operating System. I love that there is a concierge, and the way the whole thing is organized and presented.

Why should I use Trustworthy?

At Trustworthy, we believe that the Family Operating System® is better than a Google Doc for a few reasons.

  • A Google doc is an open book.
    Google Docs are so flexible they lack specificity, and they’re static — they don’t update automatically. The Trustworthy Family Operating System® is built to help your family get the most out of your important information via reminders, guided modals, and more.

  • Google Doc storage is haphazard and hard to classify.
    With Trustworthy, you and your partner can create a shared organizational system. The Family Operating System® is beautifully organized into logical, easy-to-understand categories that are relevant for families. 

  • Google Docs start with a blank page.
    There's no resource to guide or help your family become organized and prepared. Trustworthy provides a personalized set of categories and suggestions to help you curate your family’s information. Trustworthy is personalized to your family and life stage.

  • Google Docs rely on you to keep your information up to date.
    Documents don’t come with reminders to help you keep your information current.Trustworthy adds a layer of intelligent reminders, check-ins, suggestions, and learnings to help you keep your plan current.

  • For Google Docs, security is a concern.
    Trustworthy is designed and built with your family’s security and privacy top-of-mind. We offer a paid subscription because we never want you to feel like you are the product.

  • Document storage sharing is absolute.
    If you share something with a loved one in a document they can see all of the information. This is fine for some use cases, but in life, you may not want to share everything now. At Trustworthy we call this “sharing temporality”—the ability to share some information now and at some at a future date or event.

  • Google Docs don’t come with service (or even support).
    The Trustworthy concierge team can help you navigate the process of creating an estate plan, a Will or finding a lawyer. We've helped our customers obtain a copy of their birth certificate, find a lawyer for the estate plan, and more. Our Concierge team is here to help you and your family become more organized and prepared — whatever your needs.

Trustworthy keeps our families organized and prepared for the unknown. We promise to treat your family’s private information the same way we treat our own — respectfully, privately, and securely.

  • Your family’s information is yours alone. Trustworthy doesn’t give or sell it to anyone.

  • Your information is protected at all times with bank level 256-bit encryption.

  • You can request to have your data deleted from the Trustworthy servers at any time.

Read more about security at Trustworthy.

The Trustworthy concierge team makes it easy to be organized and prepared for any scenario. 

They can help you and your family:

  • Gather documents from advisors & other sources

  • Get a new will, trust, or other estate documents

  • Get a birth certificate or other IDs

  • Set up life insurance or other policies

  • With anything, really (just ask!)  

If you choose to cancel your Trustworthy account, all of your family’s information is completely and irreversibly removed from the Trustworthy database. If your payment lapses accidentally, we won’t delete your data until we confirm that you would like to cancel your account. Email if you’d like to cancel your account and delete your data.

If you don’t love Trustworthy just let us know anytime in the first 90 days of your membership and we’ll gladly refund you.

Are you the Chief Operating Officer for your family and your extended family? You should consider purchasing Trustworthy for each household you help manage. A “household” is your immediate family. Membership includes one spouse and unlimited kids.

So, for example, if you manage your parents’ information, you’ll want to purchase a separate account for them.

Start a chat or contact us at for additional household discounts.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what Chris C., a first responder in Florida says about Trustworthy:

"Every year this time of year, [my wife] asks me to update all of our financial, insurance, accounts and other information. I always drag my feet. It's such a pain. I've tried to store documents on my secured cloud providers. And in case of emergency or death, [my wife] would have no idea how to get to it.

"Trustworthy, a secure online service, helps you through this planning and documentation. I've been using it for a few weeks and it's amazing."

Trustworthy offers a 50% off lifetime discount for all first responders. We understand the importance of having your information in order and appreciate everything you do for our country.

At the half off price of $120 a year, Trustworthy makes family information management more affordable and one less thing to worry about.

As Chris C. put it, “I can have all my critical information in one place for my spouse and my kids to get to. And, it's a family-wide service, so I can add their information to our family instance and have everyone's stuff in it. At half off, this service is a godsend.”

You can get started here, or talk to a team member today.

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Trustworthy is safer than the box of documents in your closet. Schedule time with our Concierge Team to securely organize your family’s important information.
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