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Trustworthy Vs Everplans: What You Should Know

By Kristin Hoppe

October 14, 2021

Managing all your family's information is a huge task. For instance, a family may need secure access to information like:

  • Insurance ID cards at an optometrist’s appointment

  • Advance directives during a medical event

  • Expiration dates for your fire extinguisher 

That's why companies like Trustworthy and Everplans have created online platforms that make the process easier and more seamless. With so many different options out there, it's important to look at the advantages and disadvantages of different platforms before spending time and money on a solution for your family.

In this post, we'll go over a side-by-side comparison of Trustworthy and Everplans, including for whom these plans are best suited.

Company Overviews

Trustworthy is the Family Operating System® that helps your trusted inner circle organize, securely share, and collaborate on important family information. Customizable templates and categories make organization easy. Intelligent reminders help you save on fees, and Trustworthy’s 1-1 expert service provides support and onboarding.

Everplans helps you organize, store, and securely share important information such as legal and insurance documents. They offer step-by-step guidance, secure storage, and sharing options for loved ones and advisors. 

While both companies have a similar mission and overlap in some of their product offerings, they each have some key distinctions.

Everplans: Tailored for more basic service and businesses

Pricing: $75-$292/year

Key differentiating features: Special features for enterprise, resource library

Like Trustworthy, Everplans also has encrypted, bank-level security, two-factor authentication, and an online platform to organize and manage family information.

Enterprise services

This company differentiates itself with offerings for enterprise professionals like Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Their business plans start at $196/year and go up to $292/year, per advisor.

The business plans also allow users to give Everplans to an unlimited number of clients, integrate with CRMs, and offer additional logins and enhanced co-branding at the premium level.


For families and individuals who open new accounts, Everplans provides a free book called In Case You Get Hit by a Bus, which provides tactical advice on organizing and planning your life's details. Their resources and guides also make it easy to plan in categories like legal, financial, and medical.


Overall, Everplans could be a good fit for individuals who would like to pay less and don't mind slimmed-down features and minimal customer support in return. For example, that means email support only instead of phone and text support, no mobile app, and self-onboarding instead of expert onboarding and expert services.

Everplans could also be a good fit for enterprises who want to provide financial planning service platforms to their clients.

Trustworthy: A great fit for mobile convenience and high-touch customer support

Pricing: $120-$480/year

Key differentiating features: Mobile app, advanced support, expert team

A sampple view of Trustworthy's product dashboard


Many customers enjoy using Trustworthy for its on-the-go convenience — if you forget a medical ID card, for example, you can pull it up on the Trustworthy app or securely share it as well. This is helpful for unexpected situations where you need immediate access to specific documents, or even routine appointments like wellness checkups and dental visits.

The intelligent document scanning and capture features in Trustworthy auto-fill information for you, helping make the process go smoother. It’s also easy to set up reminders to pay bills or renew your passport.

Premium customer support

The Trustworthy Gold Plan is also differentiated by its optional expert onboarding service and phone support (in addition to email support). Members of the Platinum Plan also have access to text support and an enhanced 75 GB vault space.

Access to expert service can help your family pick out specific insurance plans (like life insurance or homeowners insurance) or find the right lawyer. It helps cut out some of the legwork and provides solutions — instead of more tasks for you to complete on your own.


All plans in the Trustworthy Family Operating System® include bank-level security with 256-bit encryption. Other features like two-factor authentication, hardware keys, and biometric authentication all act as a step up for your family’s information security.

First responders

Unlike its competitors, Trustworthy also has a special plan for first responders who serve ourcommunities. Firefighters, police, paramedics, doctors, nurses, military members, coast guards, veterans, and security guards all benefit from a 50% discount on the Gold Plan to honor their service.


Trustworthy may be a good fit for you if you want to prioritize convenience and accessibility, with a mobile app that makes it easy to access and share important information on-the-go. The premium expert service is also a step above the rest, allowing you to receive 1:1 support by phone, email, or even SMS. Overall, Trustworthy is a step up for your family’s information security and digital asset management, and a major upgrade from desktop-only accessibility.

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Still having trouble deciding? Here is a point-by-point breakdown:

Trustworthy versus Everplans Comparison



Free trial

14 days

60 days


First responders - $120/year

Individual - $75/year

Gold - $240/year

Business - $196-$292/year per advisor

Platinum - $480/year

Multi-year/Multi-family discounts available

Storage space

First responders/Gold - 30 GB


Platinum - 75 GB


256 bit encryption, encrypted in all states

Encrypted, bank-level security

Two-factor authentication by default

Two-factor authentication

Data tokenization


Strict password recipe

Biometric security (mobile)

System event logging

Employee security

Device security

Information organization

Family IDs, money, property, insurance, estate documents, passwords, emergency instructions, family archives, taxes, business

Life information, legal, medical, eldercare, financial, will and legacy

Mobile app?




First responders/Gold - Self-service onboarding or expert support

Self-service onboarding

Platinum - Personalized expert onboarding



Guided workflows

API integration

Emergency contacts

Collaboration (loved ones & trusted professionals)

Custom permissions

API integration

Granular permissions

Temporal sharing


First responders/Gold - Phone and email

Priority email

Platinum - Dedicated expert, phone, email, text

User types

Individuals and families

Individuals and families




Resources library for information

Resources library for information


Advanced sharing permissions, unlimited collaborators

Advanced sharing permissions, unlimited collaborators

Cancellation policy

Cancel any time, a full refund within 60 days

Cancel any time

We're Happy to Help

Do you have any questions about Trustworthy's product, or do you want to learn more about how we stack up against Everplans? Feel free to get in touch with us on our homepage. Or, you can easily start your free trial today and see if Trustworthy is a good fit for you and your family.

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