3 Kids, 3 Flu Shots, and One Really Relieved Dad

Adam brought his three kids to the doctor and forgot his insurance card. Did he have to reschedule his appointment? Or did he become a parent superhero?

This is (unfortunately) a familiar story to families everywhere.

Adam has three kids and joined Trustworthy earlier this year. He works hard to keep the family organized. Adam has a will, a trust, life insurance, and medical directives. Everything is saved in Trustworthy. 

“I love that it’s clean and not cluttered. You don’t have to search through to find stuff. It’s very simple and easy to navigate.”

But, sometimes daily life is more chaotic than planned.

With the kids back at school, the pandemic, and a tough winter ahead, Adam prioritized flu shots this fall.

Adam booked an appointment with the pediatrician and grabbed the golden spot of the day — 7:30am. Just enough time for the kids to scarf down breakfast, get dressed, jump in the car, and only be 30 minutes late to school.

The morning of the doctor’s appointment, Adam and his kids arrived at the doctor’s office (only 7 minutes late this time). When the receptionist asked Adam for the kids’ insurance cards, he said he panicked.

“You know the feeling. It’s the one where you start to feel really warm and realize the effort of getting out of the house at 7:30 this morning was for nothing. I searched for the insurance cards in my wallet while Kaden was tapping on the fish tank, Luke was touching the germy toys, and Ben was running between the reception chairs.”

He forgot the insurance cards in the important papers folder next to his dress shoes in the closet.

“And then I had that eureka moment. I realized I saved each kid’s insurance card in Trustworthy. I pulled up the cards and sent images of them to the receptionist via email. It was so easy.”

Three shots, three insurance cards, and one really relieved dad.