Family IDs

How a Doctor Organizes His Family’s Vaccination Information

Noah, a dad of three kids and a dog, can’t rely on loose pieces of paper. Here’s how he keeps track of important documents like his family’s vaccination records.

“I’m a doctor and was one of the first in California to receive the new COVID-19 vaccination. I’m so thankful to all the scientists and study volunteers who made this miracle possible—it’s remarkable.

I snagged the first appointment of the day, walked in, and got the first of two shots. On my way out, the nurse handed me a piece of paper proving I received the first dose. 

I took a photo of the slip of paper and added it to Trustworthy. 

I’m a parent of three kids and a dog. I can’t rely on loose pieces of paper. 

I keep our family’s vaccination records in Trustworthy so I can pull them up for school registration, camp registration, or when we switch doctors.”

If it’s important, it’s in Trustworthy.