I’ll Never Forget Paint Colors Again

The Barnard family (like every family) has too much to remember. How do they remember the paint colors for their living room?

Last year, we moved into our new house and needed to paint the bedroom, living room, and bathroom walls. 

It took my husband and I three weeks to decide on the color scheme. I thought the colors would be seared into my memory — soft linen, antique rose, and true white. 

Now that we have a home, there are so many new details to remember—the contact details for our plumber, dishwasher repair company, information on how/when to replace the furnace. It’s a lot to remember. 

And I (of course) immediately forgot the names as soon as we finished putting the tarps away. 

This year we needed to touch up the walls (one too many crayon “accidents”), and I couldn’t remember the names of the paints. I was convinced I had to repaint every room. Awesome.

My husband deserves the husband-of-the-year award. He added the paint numbers and names to the notes section in Trustworthy. 

If it’s important, it’s in Trustworthy.