New Job, New Life Insurance

Sarah realized that getting life insurance is only have the battle. How will her partner know about the policy or access it in an emergency?

“Last month I left my corporate job as a consultant and joined a small startup as a product manager. The change has been a really great learning experience, and I’m so much happier on a smaller team. 

Joining a  much younger company meant that I needed to purchase personal life insurance. A friend referred their broker and I found a policy that covered my family in case of an emergency. 

Now that I had life insurance, my life was in order, right? Nope. One big piece of puzzle was missing. 

When our family joined Trustworthy, I realized my partner didn’t have access to my broker’s information or my life insurance policy. I hadn’t left him any breadcrumbs to follow in the event of an actual emergency. 

Last week I added him as a collaborator to the account and he can see everything he needs, when he needs it. And now the puzzle is complete.”

If it’s important, it’s in Trustworthy.