One (Really) Lucky Bike Commuter

Ben lives in San Francisco, and almost lost his bike forever. Learn about his near miss and how it could have been avoided with Trustworthy.

Ben, an objectively tall guy at 6’ 4”, is an avid bike commuter. Last year he custom built his bike from various sentimental parts to fit his dimensions. 

The red steel frame and leather seat were the ones he used on his cross-country trip five years ago. The handlebars and stem were custom ordered for his birthday—a bit taller than most so that he didn’t have to hunch while riding. And after years of trying different tires and wheels, he’d finally landed on the perfect combination. 

“I live on the third floor of a three-story brownstone, so it’s impossible to bring it inside every night. I’m usually not too worried about someone stealing my bike. It isn’t a trendy bike. The frame is heavy, and the bike is really, really tall. Most people aren’t able to ride it.”

One unlucky night this fall, someone stole Ben’s bike even though it was locked. 

“I immediately reached out to the police, and they asked for the serial number, which I (stupidly) hadn’t written down. This was a total facepalm moment. I can’t believe I didn’t write it down and save it in Trustworthy.”

“I really love the notes sections that allow me to attach details and stories about the important objects in my life. I appreciate the ability to capture this information to make sure I 1) don’t lose it, and 2) can pass stories along through generations.”

A self-described optimistic and lucky guy, Ben had a feeling that he might see the bike around the neighborhood. It was a really tall red bike and hard to miss. 

“While walking home from work a few days later, I cut through a park where a lot of city bike gang-type guys hang out. And I saw my bike leaning against a tree. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately called my wife — thank god she picked up — and asked her to send me photos of me with my bike so I could prove to the guy that it was mine. 

I cautiously walked up to the guy sitting next to the bike and said something like ‘Hey man. That’s my bike.’ and showed him the photo. He was really surprised. He said a friend gave it to him in exchange for a favor. I wasn’t sure if I believed the story or not, but whatever. I had my bike back.

This was definitely one of those “Oh my gosh. I need to go home and put the serial number in Trustworthy now.” kind of moments. I shouldn’t have waited.” 

If it’s important, it’s in Trustworthy.