Trustworthy Vs Dropbox: What You Should Know

Kristin Hoppe


Between wills, trusts, emergency planning instructions, family IDs, and other family documents, having vital information in the right place when you need it can give your family security and convenience.

For instance, a family may need secure access to information like:

  • Insurance ID cards at a doctor’s appointment

  • Emergency instructions for the babysitter

  • Advance directives during a medical event 

In this comparison, we'll go over the highlights of Dropbox versus Trustworthy — including a point-by-point product comparison — so you can stop worrying about information management and find the right solution for your loved ones.

Company Overviews

Trustworthy is the Family Operating System® that helps your trusted inner circle organize, securely share, and collaborate on important family information. Customizable templates and categories make organization easy. Intelligent reminders help you save on fees, and Trustworthy’s 1-1 expert service provides support and onboarding.

Dropbox is an online storage solution that individuals, families, and companies use to organize their information and collaborate. The company has quality security features and large amounts of storage space. However, its lack of guidance on where to start or how to organize may make it difficult for people to meaningfully sort or share information.

While both companies overlap in the arena of storage, their larger functions and purposes vary widely. Trustworthy is tailored for family organization and personalized help, while Dropbox can be used for high-volume storage, but generally lacks guidance or structure.

Dropbox: A good fit for extensive video and photo storage

Pricing: $120-$204/year

Key differentiating features: Large amounts of storage space

Dropbox is a cloud storage and collaboration company. Different plan tiers offer a range of options for individuals, families, and businesses. For the purpose of this article, we will mostly focus on the Family Plan as it is most comparable in terms of usage.

A vast storage company

The Dropbox family plan allows up to six users, unlimited devices, and offers 2,000 GB of encrypted storage. The account recovery and syncing features help keep documents updated.

Like Trustworthy, Dropbox also has tracked changes and sharing features. However, after the storage comparison ends, the organizational features between the two products are widely different.

Start from scratch

Dropbox users can create different folders to organize family information, but don't have pre-populated fields for specific family information. This means the product is lacking a built-in roadmap for gathering the legal, medical, and financial documents every family needs to have in order.

Because the Dropbox product is designed for such basic use, it's also lacking features such as a expert service that connects you with relevant lawyers and insurance agents. Additionally, users won't have built-in access to a library of information about family information best practices. For example, using Dropbox instead of Trustworthy means you’ll be responsible for remembering  when your passport is about to expire, instead of receiving automated reminders.


Overall, the vast amount of Dropbox storage space can be great to store large amounts of information in folders. Most families won’t even scratch the surface of using 2,000 GB, even when it comes to adding photos and videos.

If you feel confident that you have all the right legal, financial, and medical documents in order and don't need any guidance on vital family documents, Dropbox could be the solution for you.

Trustworthy: A great fit for customized family organization and planning

Pricing: $120-$480/year

Key differentiating features: Tailor-made for family storage, advanced support, expert service

A sample view of Trustworthy's product dashboard

A Family Operating System®

Trustworthy takes the element of information storage and combines it with advanced and templated organization, hands-on customer support, and tailored guidance for families who need an information roadmap.

The platform is automatically organized in different segments, such as family IDs, estate documents, emergency instructions, and family archives. These sections make information easily navigable and also quickly show you which important documents your family may be missing.


Like Dropbox, Trustworthy has key security features such as 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, and system event logging. Trustworthy's additional security features, including data tokenization, biometric security, and multi-protocol YubiKey security add extra layers of security to protect your family's most important information.

Personalization and support

Unlike the Dropbox platform, Trustworthy bakes in tailored family information planning features, such as reminders when documents like drivers licenses or passports are about to expire. Trustworthy also offers a personal expert service that includes email, phone, and video meeting support to help you fill in the blanks — useful if you need to buy life insurance or update your will, for example.

The Trustworthy Platinum plan also makes It easy to manage your digital assets, from bank accounts to insurance plans. You can connect advisors (i.e., wealth advisors, accountants, and lawyers) to Trustworthy, allowing them to contribute information to your account to get you started.


In general, Trustworthy differentiates itself with tailor-made features for families and plenty of content that will lead you in the right direction. If you're looking for a step above sheer storage and want advanced organization, direct support, and a family-planning blueprint, Trustworthy may be a better fit for you.

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Still having trouble deciding? Here is a point-by-point breakdown:

Trustworthy versus Dropbox Comparison



Free trial

14 days

N/A for family


First responders - $120/month (billed yearly)

Basic - Free

Gold - $20/month (billed yearly)

Plus - $9.99/month (billed yearly)

Platinum - $40/month (billed yearly)

Family - $16.99/month (billed yearly)

Multi-year/Multi-family discounts available

Storage space

First responders - 30 GB

Basic - 2 GB

Gold - 30 GB

Plus - 2,000 GB

Platinum - 75 GB

Family - 2,000 GB


256 bit encryption, encrypted in all states

256 bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption

Two-factor authentication by default

Two-factor authentication

System event logging

System event logging

Data tokenization

PIN-protected file vaults


Remote wipe feature

Strict password recipe

Biometric security (mobile)

Employee security

Device security

Information organization

Family IDs, money, property, insurance, estate documents, passwords, emergency instructions, family archives

Folder and file creation,

Passwords and paper

Mobile app?




First responders/Gold - Self-service onboarding or personalized expert onboarding

Self-service onboarding

Platinum - Personalized expert onboarding


First responders/Gold - Phone and email


Platinum - Dedicated personal expert service, phone, email, text

User types

Individuals and families

Individuals and families




Resources library for information

Help center and community forums


Advanced sharing permissions, unlimited collaborators

Folder and specific file permissions, unlimited collaborators

Cancellation policy

Cancel any time, full refund within 60 days

Cancel any time, no refund unless legally required

Free trial

14 days

N/A for family

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